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Falling into Autumn

Fall has arrived!  The crisp air, the amazing colors, pumpkins and gourds, apple cider, mum’s, etc. the list could go on and on.  I’ve always said that spring and fall are my favorite times of the year.  Each season is filled with it’s own unique burst of color and texture.  But, fall seems sweeter to me in the sense that it gives me an opportunity to remember the fun of summer, the closeness of spending time with family at the lake, the excitement of race season and the parties and events that have filled my evenings.  Fall also gives me an opportunity to plan for the next year, to summarize the current year and reflect on all that has happened.  It gives me a chance to let go, to end, and to transition.  Fall is a reminder that time is forever moving forward and that the beauty of life is found in it’s transition’s, it’s changes, it’s ending’s and beginning’s.  Fall is giving me another opportunity to expand the scope of my business and bring my craft to a new set of individuals who will hopefully find my art pleasing and enjoyable.  In the end, fall reminds me to cherish each and every day, to be thankful for all that I have been blessed with during the year and to find encouragement in the promise of new beginning’s and the excitement of another year of coming ever closer to making my dreams come true.

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